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Become  a control operator. Join us today and we will open the bands for you with an Elecraft K3S into a 1500 watt Elecraft KPA1500 amplifier and an 11 element log-periodic and a newly installed SteppIR phased vertical array at our 4,445 foot DX QTH.  It does not get any better than this! This is the world's first internet remote base and proud recipient of the ARRL Technical Innovation Award and a CQ Magazine Hall of Fame inductee.

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Watch this quick start video of the RCForb client remote control software.


A special thanks to Bruce W6FSG for making this video.

Key Features

Here’s a short list of the station's features - Elecraft K3S Transceiver, Elecraft KPA1500 Amplifier, 11 Element Log-Periodic, SteppIR Phased Verticals

All of these features and options are included with your membership.

Your W7DXX World Class DX Station Features !

Elecraft K3S Tranceiver

4,435 Foot DX QTH

KPA1500 Amplifier

SteppIR Phased Verticals

11 Element Log-Periodic

24/7 Station Access

Rotator Control

And much more...

Become a member and start working worldwide DX today !

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Work the world using your mobile device.

DX from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet.


The RCForb client software app works with android tablets and cell phones.                                            ORB                     RCForb Cellphone


                         Work DX from your tablet.                                            You can even Use your cell phone.


Become a member of the W7DXX internet remote base.

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24/7 UNLIMITED access is only $200 annually. Less than your home station power bill!


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